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Fleet Management Solution

All in one easy-to-use fleet management solution for vehicle monitoring and maintenance.

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Quick & Smart Fleet Management Tool

Manager365 fleet management software solution provides flexibility in fleet operation by managing entire fleet activities through one single platform. Fleet Manager helps businesses monitor and manage everything virtually through an easy to use mobile and web application.


Fleet Manager

Fleet management is an approach that allows companies to organize and coordinate work vehicles to improve efficiency, reduce costs and comply with government regulations. While fleet management is most commonly used for vehicle tracking, it involves tracking and recording mechanical diagnostics and the driver's behaviour.


Payment Integration

The built-in payment guide allows you to integrate tedious accounting processes with payment processing seamlessly. An integrated payment solution allows merchants to accept credit card payments directly within their existing software by automating payment acceptance. This saves time and eliminates human error when entering data.


GPS Trackers

GPS tracking is a global positioning system. It includes a network of 24 orbiting satellites and devices on Earth that can determine the position of people and objects on Earth with astonishing accuracy. GPS tracking tracks three separate data sets: location, navigation, and time. It allows real-time vehicle monitoring.


Let Us Manage Your Tolls !!!

  • No More Pending Tolls
  • No More Unpaid Tolls
  • No More Late Penalties
  • Multiple Management options
  • Reduce management time by 90%

Streamline Your Fleet Services

Manager365 is a cloud-based, smart fleet management solution that provides cost-effective software solution for your fleet management & maintenance. We believe in creating cutting-edge solutions that can eliminate the need for vehicle management operations.

Latest Features

Features that make feel confident...

Automatic invoice processing is a technology that offers time-saving benefits to businesses of all sizes by taking care of invoice processing from the moment it is created through to payment matching.
Direct withdrawals are the economical, easiest, safest and most convenient way to make regular or regular payments.
This will save your time and effort as it will upload all your driving registration data, and you don't have to do it manually.
E-Sign is an online digital signature service that enables digitally signing documents. No more printing.
Payment integration reduce your work load for payment collection and reconcillation.
A GPS tracker connects to a set of satellites to determine your location. You can use it to control your vehicle's ignition with just one click.
Get alert for service, payment, insurance and other stuff.
Control all your GST and accounting reporting with yeast by adding it to our system.
Save up to 80% of your time by managing tolls and fines by adding them to manage costs in drivers' accounts.
Custom designer client contract as per your requirements. You can have any changes at any time, anywhere.
Send mails and messages to your present and previous group of clients with just one click.
Exporter data anytime to anywhere in the form of excel or PDF. We can provide the format which will meet the exact requirements.
Starr PRO - Smartphone App for Fleet Manager

Starr PRO mobile app for admin. Manage your fleet rental business anywhere anytime.

Link365 - Smartphone App for Rentee

Link365 is for rental clients. Client can make payments, access account details and submit request to admins.

GPS Trackers from $135 - No contracts - Data from $1.09 / per Week

Our GPS Trackers are fully-featured, highly price competitive and 4G / 3G multi-functional developed for your fleet tracking.

logo Real-time Tracking
logo Supports remote fuel/power cut-off
logo Weekly Kilometer Reporting
logo Vehicle’s ignition status
logo 4G / 3G Network support
logo Geo - Fencing
logo Live Alert Notification
logo Driver Behavior Report
logo Daily Route Maps
logo Tracking History

Manage your fleet
& Grow your business

Manager365 is a platform which reduce your management workload, improve fleet efficiency and reduce errors.


Automation in business processes


Use of Latest technology


Easy to implement Workflows


Improve reporting & compliance requirements

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On Demand Support

Manager365's clients use a dedicated account manager, which supports efficient planning and execution of operations. We do not sacrifice performance for the convenience of the software. And vice versa. How to build extra features to make your business grow in days instead of years.

Web Integration

A website is good in itself. A website linked to other systems can be great. Website integration allows you to send and receive data between your website and other applications, saving time and money for your business, among other benefits. It acts as a suite of secure, outward-facing web interface tools.

Data Transfer

Data transfer refers to collecting, replicating, and transferring large amounts of data from one organization or business entity. We help you easily export your existing customer and employee data to our systems. Please keep all your relevant business information and employee data in one place by transferring it between the two systems.

Custom Web Portal

If you have availed our services and there is something which we could not cover by software then over your demand we can create a special portal which will complete your business requirements.

Mobile Apps

Over specific land demands, you can also add mobile applications to your business. We can help you by adding API to your existing app.


we integrate your existing tools for making data flow much easier and simpler. This further allows employees to act faster and make better decisions regardless of their location.


We help businesses utilize the deep learning capabilities of artificial intelligence for automating the process of data gathering, interference making and generating ready-to-use insights.