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Have you ever wondered what it might feel if there was an assistant who used to track all the records of your rented vehicles? Especially when the leasing is for the long term. Well, there is one digital assistant for you, Manager365, the best fleet management software solutions. If you suffer the problems related to managing the payment of your leased cars then manager365 would be the best choice for you.

You need it to get secure and guaranteed payments. Sometimes keeping an eye on every vehicle is too much hard that it makes you feel like losing. But manager365 can be the extra eye for keeping every possible detail about the drivers to vehicles secure in just on the portal.

If you lack in tracking the records of payments, dues, old contract invoices, then this is the only way you can get everything in control. It would manage everything in one go so you can focus straightly on your goals of expanding your business.

How does it help you?

This software is designed to make your business management easy for you. This fleet manager is the best solution with features like:

Automated invoicing

Using this you can set up invoices of long-term leasing, perfect for those who have a lot on their plate to handle.

Direct debit

It lets your driver pay your invoices directly through debit to your account. It has a guaranteed safe and secure method to make the transfer. Moreover, it’s economical with respect to other availabilities and one can get assurance of all dealings.

Auto payment integration

This helps you to get directly paid through multiple gateways that are integrated.

Online driver registration

Leave the hassle of entering every piece of data by yourself when you can do it in just a few clicks. Other than all these features you get features like ESign contracts, tracking and kill switch, compliance and payment alerts, accounting and GST reporting, custom contracts, data export, group SMS and Email, toll or fine manager.